How do I purchase music without a credit card or paypal account?
The easiest method is to go through the motions of paying with PayPal, but stopping before you enter any account information. Then, print up that page and send it along with check or money order to 1809 NW Columbia Summit Dr, Camas, WA 98607. The page should total up all items in your cart as well as shipping charges. Please make the check payable to WARD BAXTER and not Baxter Music Publishing. E-mail any questions to
How is the order shipped? How long does it take?
Most music is shipped via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Within the US, it usually takes 2-3 days for delivery. For some large orders, Media Mail is used to keep costs down. For international shipping, USPS First Class postage is used. Generally, this arrives in about a week from the shipping date.
Do you offer e-mail or internet delivery of music? (PDF, Tiff, JPG, etc)
Due to the ease of internet piracy, we do not generally offer digital delivery of music. Yes, hard copies of music may be photocopied and distributed illegally...but the threat is much more easily realized on the web. With that being said, there are always exceptions.
Do you use Finale, and if you offer Finale files of your music?
The primary notation program we use is Finale® by MakeMusic, however, we use a good deal of custom fonts to get the appearance to be just right. Several of these fonts are available for purchase from commercial font designers, but several are designed by Baxter Music Publishing and are not distributed. For this reason, in combination with piracy-protection (see other FAQs) we do NOT offer Finale files of our work.
What is a Version Number and why do you use them?
Periodically, the publisher will proofread all parts for cosmetic errors or the composer will re-orchestrate and release an updated version of the music. Much like software updates and revisions, version numbers help keep track of the most current release. The version number may be found in the lower left hand corner of the first page of parts and scores. For a full listing of charts with version numbers and a more detailed explanation, visit the Version Numbers page.