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Bell & Howl

for saxophone(s) and band

Bell & Howl is a programmatic work depicting a typical day in the life of saxophonist Lee Elderton during a period in his life in 1998. Each movement represents a different segment of that day, and the various moods that embodied him.

The piece was written in 1998 and orchestrated in 2000 for performance by the SDSU Wind Symphony. From the serenity of the first movement through the raucous and humorous finale, the piece was orchestrated with the intent to not only entertain the audience; but the soloist, players, and conductor as well while using a traditional setting for Wind Ensemble. The six movements are entitled:

  1. Kitten Breath (3.9 MB)
  2. They Could Percolate The Ocean In Brazil (1.7 MB)
  3. Snarling Butterflies (2 MB)
  4. Resonance of a Safari Jeep
  5. Boots Randolph IS My Favorite Jazz Tenor (560.7 KB)
  6. Jack (1.5 MB)